2chicks2go… Where?


Welcome to our blog. We are the two chicks! Jennifer and Sherrie, Daughter and Mom. We live in Niagara Falls, NY.

During our travels, people always ask “where are you from?” and we say “we’re from Niagara Falls.” Inevitably. they know just where that is, with their only question being, “which side of the border?” because Niagara Falls is the “world’s most famous address.” And the second question is “living in a tourist area, where do YOU go for vacation?”


So, we thought that we would answer those questions and more in the form of a blog. First of all, for those coming to visit our world famous attraction, we will happily give insider information, tips, and tell you what we like to do.

Secondly, for those of us that live in the Western New York area, you know we’re sitting on a treasure. Wouldn’t it be nice to have consolidated where-to information, schedules and reviews at your finger tips? We would also like to share our enjoyment of local fare, markets, restaurants, and the wine trail. Jennifer and Sherrie also enjoy cooking- we will contribute some recipes of the bountiful produce that Western New York has to offer here on our blog.

Living in such a centrally-located area, we have access to so much. World class events, dining, entertainment, hiking and scenery. For people that are visiting our area, they may not be aware of how this hub can lend to an exciting extended vacation and for locals to enjoy day trips. As anative born Canadian, Sherrie has a unique perspective of both sides of the border.


That brings us to where we like to vacation. Sherrie has traveled extensively across most of North America, where as Jennifer has traveled abroad on several different occasions. We would also like to share some of these experiences with you.

So put on your yellow rain slicker, and lets get ready 2 go.



10 thoughts on “2chicks2go… Where?”

  1. Thank you chicks for sharing. I’d love to visit sometime. In the meantime to see life through your lens. How exciting!!!

    1. Thanks Jen! We hope you do have a chance to come see all our beautiful area has to offer. Meanwhile, feel free to check in on us and tell us how we’re doing. 🙂

  2. Sounds great Sherrie and Jennifer! Do you two have access to a Day tripper magazine or a site you go to for upcoming events or do you rely on the Newspaper regularly? Cant wait to hear more about your area! I know were only 3 hours away but your area there is unique!~

    1. Julie, thanks so much for you feedback. Being the unique area that we are, we have access to all types of event information. There are newspapers, magazines, the board of Tourism, and the events themselves have websites. For those that are into the arts, for example, there are various venues and informational sources. The BPO, Artpark, and Shakespeare in the park are just a handful. We also hope to add links for you to check things out for yourself. For those that enjoy the farm, Becker farms is a great place to take the kids and we will be updating you on all this and more. Thanks so much!

    1. Jan, thank you for our feedback! We live in an area so chalk full of beauty, events and culture, it would be a shame not to report on them, don’t you think? We look forward to YOU reading our blog. Thanks!

    1. Hi Marlene. Thanks so much for your comment. Viola’s? Now that’s one of our local treasures that folks visiting from out of town should certainly learn about, here!

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