Niagara Falls Tips – Picnic at the Upper Rapids


When people think of visiting the Falls, they often only think of the waterfalls. But there are many varied things to do, including frequenting one of natures charms, the upper rapids.

A great way to get up close and personal with the beauty of Niagara is to have a picnic by the water. The rapids are located both above and below the Falls, and all visitors should take the time to see them. If you are at the Reservation State Park, and you’re done looking at Niagara, you can proceed up river, away from the Falls, along a scenic pathway. You will pass two bridges; one is for pedestrians only. These bridges take you over to Goat Island, which, given the time, is another must see. As you walk along this path, there is a constant view of the rushing waters. The further away you are the calmer the water is. The thundering roar lessens, becoming a ferocious rush, then a tumble, and eventually, a peaceful calm, while the distant waterfalls’ roar hums in the background.

Here is a simplified image of Reservation State Park:


We had a quick and easy picnic of our own, brought some takeout, and ate on a park bench, though many others bring chairs and blankets as there are no picnic tables in this part of the park. There are, however, some terrific photo opportunities which we also took advantage of.

Niagara Falls, Ontario across the gorge.


Close to the Falls, the rapids are quite spectacular.


One of the two bridges that cross over to Goat Island.


The waters begin to calm.



Because this is the road less traveled, the crowds have thinned.



We arrive at our peaceful and serene destination.





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