The Niagara Falls Music and Arts Festival



The Niagara Falls Music and Arts Festival takes place in June on Old Falls Street, by the Casino, Convention Center, and Reservation State Park. Varying bands and a couple of different stages fill the schedule over the weekend, starting Friday night to Sunday evening. There are also many different vendors, including food, crafts, and the arts, and patrons can buy wares from some very talented folks.

We had a great time meandering among the vendor tables on Sunday afternoon, getting to know a bit about their workmanship and decided to feature them in this piece. We offer you photos and links to their sites, so please take a look.


One of the vendors we met owns Janie’s Emporium Boutique. Alisha J. Taggart-Powell named the boutique after her grandmother Janie, who is in the photo that she is holding. They sell beautiful and unique jewelry, accessories and specialty gifts. You can find them on Facebook at: Https://

DSC00573                   DSC00575


Kathryn Ammirato’s display really caught our eyes, as did her hand crafted jewelry. Kathryn is at many of the local festivals, bringing her hand-crafted jewelry with her.  You can find her on Facebook as well: Https://


DSC00587             DSC00586


Garbeck’s Creek makes creams, salves, and soaps, using all natural organic ingredients. We sampled one of their salves, and were very impressed with the results. After using it only a handful of times, there has been a marked improvement in a problem area on one of the Chick’s elbows. TMI? I think so. But it works! Their website is:


DSC00596     DSC00598


Niagara’s Honeymoon Sweets was started by Mary Ann Hess to benefit her grandson. Mary Ann and her chocolate have become very popular these days, with invitations to display her wares at parties for the Emmys, the Oscars and the Superbowl. We are very proud of our local celebrity! Plus, her chocolate is really good! You can see her at TGIFriday’s on Old Falls Street Concert Series and sample for yourself.

DSC00599    DSC00602

As we said, there was all kinds of good food available at the festival. We decided to stop in at Smokin Joes Coffee House on the way back to our car, and we’re glad we did. It was air-conditioned and reasonably priced, with a comfortable seating area. We were surprised by the delectable treats available, from homemade gelato (.99 cents a scoop!) a variety of coffees, and specialty baked goods.


DSC00588             DSC00606


Looking forward to seeing you on Friday nights, or at the next festival.






9 thoughts on “The Niagara Falls Music and Arts Festival”

    1. For some reason the link to Garbecks Creek didn’t work in the body of the blog, but it works fine here in the comments. I’d highly recommend trying their product(s)!

      1. Thanks for including us in your blog! And glad Chick’s elbow is better! Must be the jewl weed salve:-)

  1. Thank you for the recent blog . The NFMAF is a great event featuring all local and regional Artists, Musicians & Food Vendors with a great collection of Retail & Jewelry Vendors. The weather was beautiful so the crowds where good we had a estimated count of 22k-25k visitors through the 3 day event. We are looking forward to next years events leading up to the Festival check out or website at The NFMAF is run by Balabans LLC .If you are interested in being involved in next years events please email Rick Crogan at Again thank you for your support of our growing community.

    1. Hi Rick! Happy to have you come on and “fill out” some information regarding the NFMAF. For the short time we were able to go, we were impressed with things and are hoping to get out there for a bit longer next year. I know you put in a ton of work and our community appreciates it. Thanks again.

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