Happy Easter!



Our Lady of Victory National Shrine & Basilica

I couldn’t wait to post this one…a day early.

A popular pilgrimage and destination, and close to Niagara. If you enjoy glorious old churches, made in the grand way of by-gone days, and you’re visiting the area, you will want to add this to your itinerary. If like me, you’re from around the area, please take the time to visit. It will be worth your while.

Have a blessed and Happy Easter!


4 thoughts on “Happy Easter!”

    1. Thank you, Andy! I hope you have a happy and blessed day.
      I’d have to agree with you. I’m sure the workers came from the old world, and put their mark on good ole’ Buffalo. We so appreciate their gorgeous craftsmanship. Glad you could enjoy it with us.

      1. Its a bright sunny crisp spring day here in Beijing. Enough wind to keep the air clean and deliciously cool. Have a good one Sherrie 🙂

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