2chicks Niagara ~ Gorgeous Gorge

For the Beauty of the Earth.


The wind curves ’round the bend,

The Hawk and eagle glide on by,

The water rushes down below,

My heart it soars, touching the sky.

Sherrie Robins


#ForBeautySake #NiagaraGorge #NiagaraRiver #NiagaraFalls #SherrieRobinsArt
#2chicks2go #WhirlpoolStatePark #DevilsHole #IloveNewYork


8 thoughts on “2chicks Niagara ~ Gorgeous Gorge”

      1. Well lets have a good look then: I like the trees at the top and the grey colour with the white text. It also means the images are highlighted which are centre stage. The index on the left side makes the site easy to understand and navigate ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m quite jealous of it ha ha. I think the most important thing now is I really get a feeling of you and what you are about

      2. Andy, thanks bunches. I really wanted to understand so that we can keep moving forward. Your comments are very helpful, indeed! Feel free t use whatever you like for your own site. You’re my bud. ๐Ÿ™‚

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