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2chicksNiagara ~One cat’s opinion…

One cat’s opinion? Misha wanted to remind you that no matter the season, Niagara is a great place to visit, love and live! Autumn’s just around the corner, so be a cool cat and plan your trip ahead.


The 2chicks family has been in the midst of a move, so less publishing this summer, but Misha was tired of just hanging around and had to get her two cents in! Her trip’s already in the bag. đŸ˜‰

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Happy National Cat Day in Niagara!

It’s #NationalCatDay and we are celebrating it in Niagara!

Here are some kitties from our travels and our hearts:

Recently, one of the chicks got married, and seeing as she has an avid cat-fan & has a couple of the beasties, we made an album for her, including some of these fun cat-sentiments.


Then of course, we have to remember our Oreo; better known as Kitty. He left us a year and a half ago, after eighteen years, and is still greatly missed!

Oreo and one of Mom’s paintings, taking a ‘vacay’ in the backyard.


Then came Mom’s Christmas present, our little alley cat rescue – from one chick to another, Misha! (In case you miss it, the computer screen says “I’z your new kitty. I wink, I prance and I dance and I’z ‘dorable)!!

“Iz I a decoration too”??

Misha’s growing up and will be a year, soon. We are celebrating it with a birthday party, November 1st. (Shhh, don’t tell her. It’s a surprise).


In the summer, we went to Rochester, New York and visited this fabulous old Merry Go Round. One of the chicks went for a ride on this kitty!



Autumn rolled around and we visited the farm. These two farm cats are ‘chillin’…literally!

We hope wherever you are, you have a happy National Cat Day!