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All hail to Autumn, as winter knocks…

Niagara on display.

I am hesitant. The day inviting, the view unparalleled, but winter imminent.


The grounded leaves are in a kerfuffle, blustering about, looking for a limb to hold on to. Isn’t that the way it’s always been; since inception?


But I, on the other hand, am grounded, plodding, peaceful despite the knowledge of the inevitable, as I trod the path beneath my feet. Beauty has a way of doing that. It humbles us, rescues us, lifts above the mundane to exaggerated and exalting heights.

In this case, beauty comes from beyond and below, enhanced by above. Sunlight flickers between yet attached and gloriously attired leaves. The water, away down, perpetual and exhausting in it’s permanent purposefulness, resonates on canyon walls.


I, small. Alone. Individual. I among the many and the few. Many trees, many leaves…clouds, colors, grasses, pebbles on the ground. Few travelers, tree stumps, forks in the path, the earth.




I am here to revel. Admire. Be invigorated. Soar.

You are here to absorb, imbibe, share in our journey and enjoy.



We invite your presence with pleasure and send warm, sun set, color-filled greetings your way.


Remember us, those ‘neath the white, frosted earth…

All photos taken one November afternoon, Whirlpool State Park, Niagara Falls, New York.


Autumn in Chagrin Falls, a quiet beauty


The sun is setting, silhouetting trees and shades and golden hues of color. Glimmering leaves dazzle, shimmer in the breeze or float peacefully past rocks or broken branches. The sound of water dashes hard. It pummels and penetrates the lower banks, creating a second home.

The church bell chimes, the town hall tower shines, the square defers. Muted colors, softly enclose in preparation of a bolder season of celebration, ahead. Christmas and the holidays are drawing near, and chopped evergreens subtly await, still slumbering, hidden in back alleys or along building’s edges.

Shopkeepers anticipate the cold bite of winter, while shoppers shiver and pull their coats a little bit closer.

We open a door and warm air rushes out, greeting us with genial arms of invitation. Though the hour has not yet come, we are welcomed with tea, cheer, and a cozy fire. Through sprawling windows we see the long, wide drop of inspiration.

A sip and a nudge. A view, and a bite. With you by the fire, the world once again, right.

Find beauty ’round the corner, just beyond the bend,
Or in the eyes of loved ones near or far,  

Past, present, in the future, For always in the end,

We n’er leave ourselves behind,
Create your joy, your love, your friends.


Chagrin Falls, Ohio. Just beyond… Cleveland.
























A sampling of shops,  Inn and Restaurants of Chagrin, Ohio, listed below:






Or contact https://yourhometownchagrinfalls.com/

Also, for more 2chicks information:









Autumn Harvest in Niagara


Harvest has pretty much come and gone this season, here in Niagara. The farmer’s have labored for many months, and now we are reaping what they have sown. Much of the crops are in from the fields while farm markets, stands & stores are brimming full of fresh produce.

Not only is Niagara a world renowned tourist attract, a place of great power and beauty, but it is also farm country! According to Cornell University, (Cornell Cooperative Extension) there are over 860 farms in Niagara County. With all those farms, you bet there’s plenty of bounty to partake of.

So whether you live in the area or are visiting, be sure to make it a point to visit a market, farm or if you see a farmer…thank them!

And perhaps, when it’s your turn, you’ll have as much fun as we did!






Apples for the picking.



One of the Chicks & a Rooster…


I see a lot of tears…




Squash paradise.



American Gothic – 2chicks style.


Oodles & oodles of fresh canned goods.



Time for a Kitty Kat break!


Snuggling down.


Farm cat beauty.


We have much to be grateful for!


Just a little scarecrow flirting…for good measure.

A couple of markets & such:


Park Place Market also has a Small Business Saturday holiday event. The 2chicks attended last year and would recommend it. (See that lovely blue scarf? It’s sold & hanging in my closet).




Kappus Farms, u-pick fruit.




3744 Creek Rd,

Youngstown, NY 14174

(716) 745-3790




The Gorgeous Niagara Gorge


Hello, friends, it’s Autumn in Niagara. The leaves have reached their peak in beauty, and we’d love to share them with you! We start our autumnal journey at the stairs that lead down to the gorge, by Devil’s Hole Park. Currently it’s a bit of a treacherous walk, but they have plans to fix them in the near future. (Notice that we hop up and down the gorge a few times, based on the order of our photos!)



One of our favorite trees along the path at the top of the gorge.



Such beautiful, rich colors. Don’t get to close to the raging waters!



A blanket of leaves cover the ground along the trail, on the banks of the Niagara.



A bird’s eye view of the Niagara Gorge. Looking across toward the Canadian side of the river, the colors are so vibrant.



After our Bird’s eye view, we dive back down for a closer look at the water!



We pop over to the Niagara Falls Discovery Center, where there is easier access down to the gorge. An elevator will take you to the bottom (Open from Spring through October 31st).



The familiar turquoise waters of the Niagara.



A patchwork quilt of orange, gold, yellow, red and green.



An adventurer brought their bike down the elevator, and went for a walk. Thank you for leaving it to ‘pose’ for the picture. 😉



The Rainbow Bridge connecting two countries, and a part of the Horseshoe Falls too.



Niagara Falls, Ontario.


Fall really is one of the best times to visit Niagara; the tourist population and the heat is down, and the beauty is up. So if you’re an adventurous person and you like to hike, the stairs are for you. But if you prefer beauty without all of the hard work, you can enjoy it just as much using the elevator.

So whatever season you choose to visit, you’re always welcome.

A fabulous year for Fall colors in Niagara!


Be sure to visit Niagara soon, while the colors are at their peek!





Come on over, the water’s fine!

Also see: https://lessonsinperspective.wordpress.com/






The Four Seasons of Niagara


Autumn is a wonderful season no matter where you are. If you live in an area where they refer to “autumn”, chances are you experience the changes of the four seasons. We all love the cooler temperatures, and refreshment from the summer’s heat. The variation of foliage brings an array of colors and salutes the majesty of creation.


Having traveled and lived in various area through our lives, we just happen to think that Niagara likes to show off a bit.


Niagara loves to grow an abundant harvest. It loves to party. It loves to dress up to the hilt. It loves to share all of this with you!


Winter is a season of controversy. Many folks either love it or hate it. There is no doubt that living near Buffalo, NY has given Niagara a bad rap from January through March. Yet actually, there is much awe and inspiring beauty during these cold winter months.


Christmas decorates the malls. The holidays celebrate December. Icicles dance in sparkling shows of glitter and glam, while people sing and celebrate you home through New Years.


Indoors we dine and civilize in the warmth of each others company and class.


There are cleared paths and trails for walking, and places for skating and nearby skiing.


We all look forward to spring, with the hope of new life and regeneration.


“crocuses show their little heads, gracefully leading the way.

The blossoms sprout, the lilies sing, in a dazzling, joyful floral array.”

See… Just thinking about it makes us wax poetic (Mom’s the corny one.)


To visit Niagara in the spring is to see a tumbling and effervescent declaration of life!


The ice is let out of the Lake Erie boom and jostles its way over the abrupt precipice.


And then there’s summer. we all love summer, as long as the temperature doesn’t spike!


And summer is the Niagara we all know and love. Cool refreshing breezes blow in from the Great Lakes and the many trees provide ample shade. Oh yes, we have our heat too, but what a refreshing way to cool down, standing by the edge of the abyss, immersed in the spray stirred up by the crashing turquoise waters.


The Jet Boat and the Maid of the Mist are two ways of getting right down into the turbulence and rapids, experiencing the water like no other! But even in the rush of the summer season, there are gentle times and places that allow for lingering ruminations.


Hawks, buzzards and varied bird life soar high above the gorge, while the great outdoors is just waiting to be experienced. Festivals, music, concerts, and such soar in their own way as well!


So pick, your favorite season and come on by. We’d love to have you!

Oreo’s Great Halloween Adventure in Niagara


Today Mum woke up to her sixteen year old cat’s uncomfortable hobble. He just didn’t look right. As a matter of fact, he looked “askew”.

Dutiful Mum that she is, she promptly called the vet. They go to Lewiston Animal Hospital, in, you guessed it, Lewiston. They have been going there for sixteen years.

Jennifer’s cat travel case was at her house, and Mum was busy with no time to spare. So, “Kitty” as he is affectionately called, went freestyle. He sat on her lap looking out the window and taking in the views.

It just so happens that it was Halloween, so they passed all sorts of excited looking children on their way home to get ready for trick-or-treating. They drove by houses decorated with pumpkins, corn stalks and various “scaries”.


Another view Oreo took in was the great Niagara Gorge. Does he know how lucky he is? The great Niagara Gorge is filled with lovely colored trees this time of year and Kitty sat, nose close to the window, taking in the view. Some people wondered at the black and white cat placed squarely upon Mum’s lap,  right by the steering wheel!


Along the route, they passed the Power Vista as well, which is right across the road from Niagara University. 



As they passed NU, Kitty noticed the Niagara University Theater. He’d heard from friends about their wonderful plays, and wondered if they were going to do a production of “The Cat Who”? www.niagara.edu/theater

Downhill in the village of Lewiston, once they got to the vet’s, Oreo was offered treats. They even gave Mum some apple cider and donut holes! The ladies at the front desk were dressed up in costumes and there was a contest for the best dressed pet.


When Kitty went into the office, he was surprised to see the Doctor dressed up as a mouse! But Kitty knew it wasn’t a REAL mouse.

They loved Oreo so much at the vet’s that they took turns holding him and stroking his long, dark fur. It turns out that he’s just getting a little old and so they told Mum how to give him some special loving care.

After waiting for too long, Kitty got impatient and jumped out of Mum’s arms and hid under a pet food display case! One of the workers had to pull him out. Naughty boy.

He sat on the floor of the car all the way home, he’d had enough scenery for one day. He wobbled a bit, to and fro, after his examination, but before he knew it, he was back home at his very own water dish. Was it all a dream?

After they returned, the kids were there, waiting in costume, hands outstretched to get some treats of their own. Cousin Jordan was there to help hand out the goodies, and posed for a photo with his favorite cat cousin.


Oreo took his place on the front porch, at the window, as he does every year, so that he can spy out the goblins, lady bugs and werewolves.

But alas, it has been a busy day, and he is now sleeping on the chair right next to Mum. What a big adventure he had today! Sweet dreams of cat nip, guppies and puppy love. ❤ ❤ ❤