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Niagara Parks Part II


This is Part II of the Niagara Parks piece. We are so fortunate to be living in one of the most beautiful areas on earth. We hope you enjoy the photos and learn a bit more about Niagara and its parks and then come on over to inspect them for yourselves.

Queen Victoria Park

Queen Victoria Park is the park in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada, where people go to see the Falls – all three – The American Falls, Bridal Veil and Horseshoe. It is maintained by NPC – the Niagara Parks Commission, and is truly lovely, in itself.


This exquisite pond is located directly across from where one views the American Falls.

Niagara Falls, USA as seen from Niagara Falls, Canada
Niagara Falls, USA as seen from Niagara Falls, Canada

In the same vicinity, is the Oakes Garden Theatre. This is a great place to sit and have a picinic, take wedding photos, or to walk around and check out the gardens.


Nestled in behind the theater, and through a gate, lies a secret garden. Yes, really. Many visitors miss this gem.



And, here I am, (one of the two chicks) sitting at a restaurant right next door, called the Secret Garden. I honestly can’t give a review of the menu, as I’ve only had drinks on the terrace, but the link is here, http://www.secretgardenrestaurant.net/


Fort Niagara 

Back over on the American side, one really must see Fort Niagara. The Niagara River empties into Lake Ontario at this juncture. There is a lighthouse, the Fort, the River, The Lake a swimming pool, picnic area, snack bar and more. It’s a great place to spend the day with the family.


The Fort Niagara Lighthouse offers tours and a gift shop.


There is an old road that follows the river and makes for a great walkway, with beautiful views along the way.


You can even stop and take a moment to reflect.


Public Dock – Youngstown, NY

Just down the way from Fort Niagara, are the Youngstown Public Docks. we like it there. When you’re at the Fort, you can see sailboats emerging from upriver, and coming out into the open waters of Lake Ontario. But going to the Docks, you can see these boats up close at waters edge. It’s also kind of handy if you happen to have a boat. 😉




Lewiston’s Waterfront Park

At the river’s edge, in Lewiston, downriver from Niagara Falls and upriver from Youngstown is a quaint little park. Lewiston has their docks down at the water below, but up some steps and at the end of Center Street is this park. The Silo Restaurant is there, picnic tables, a couple of bench swings to watch the sunset over Canada. One of our favorite things are the spectacular statues by sculptor, Susan Gessler.



Susan Gessler's sculpture, Freedom Crossing at Lewiston's Waterfront Park.
Susan Gessler’s sculpture, Freedom Crossing at Lewiston’s Waterfront Park.

Peace Garden – Lewiston, NY

Back up the hill, on Center Street lies a quiet little nook, behind the main buildings. It is a peaceful place with flowers and sculptures and a table to play chess on. A small oasis during a tour of the historic town of Lewiston.

Summer 2013 109.jpg-2

Summer 2013 101.jpg-2

Lockport Cave Entrance/Lockport Canal/Town of Lockport Nature Trail

Alright folks. You got me. Have you ever been someplace and don’t really know where it was? I googled until my eyes crossed and then called the Lockport Library where a very kind research librarian helped me. (Heck, they live there and don’t know what it’s called.)

The Erie Canal runs through the town of Lockport and there are trails meandering all around the canals, here and there. There are walkways and ruins, and woods and hiking and picnic tables, oh my! In the midst of that is an attraction called the Lockport Cave and Underground Boat ride. Near the entrance is a park-like area. We choose to call it a park!

Famous "upside down" railroad bridge. Railroad companies built the bridge this way to limit size of ships going through canal to force companies to use rail transport for goods.
Famous “upside down” railroad bridge. Railroad companies built the bridge this way to limit size of ships going through canal to force companies to use rail transport for goods.

There is the famous ‘upside down’ railroad bridge. It’s an interesting story:



There are all kinds of photo ops, with ruins and scenery and historical buildings. Such a fun place to go!

Hyde Park – Niagara Falls

Hyde park is New York State’s largest park aside from Central Park in Manhattan. It has a lake for fishing and boating, bocce ball, tennis courts, a golf course, a swimming pool and a baseball stadium. We take walks quite often through this park, and it’s one of our favorite ways to exercise. With the holiday weekend upon us, it is also good to mention that every year, they have an impressive fireworks show over the lake for the 4th of July.



Niagara has a treasure trove of parks and green spaces, and we hope that you’ve enjoyed touring it with us! Stay tuned for part three…


Oreo’s Great Halloween Adventure in Niagara


Today Mum woke up to her sixteen year old cat’s uncomfortable hobble. He just didn’t look right. As a matter of fact, he looked “askew”.

Dutiful Mum that she is, she promptly called the vet. They go to Lewiston Animal Hospital, in, you guessed it, Lewiston. They have been going there for sixteen years.

Jennifer’s cat travel case was at her house, and Mum was busy with no time to spare. So, “Kitty” as he is affectionately called, went freestyle. He sat on her lap looking out the window and taking in the views.

It just so happens that it was Halloween, so they passed all sorts of excited looking children on their way home to get ready for trick-or-treating. They drove by houses decorated with pumpkins, corn stalks and various “scaries”.


Another view Oreo took in was the great Niagara Gorge. Does he know how lucky he is? The great Niagara Gorge is filled with lovely colored trees this time of year and Kitty sat, nose close to the window, taking in the view. Some people wondered at the black and white cat placed squarely upon Mum’s lap,  right by the steering wheel!


Along the route, they passed the Power Vista as well, which is right across the road from Niagara University. 



As they passed NU, Kitty noticed the Niagara University Theater. He’d heard from friends about their wonderful plays, and wondered if they were going to do a production of “The Cat Who”? www.niagara.edu/theater

Downhill in the village of Lewiston, once they got to the vet’s, Oreo was offered treats. They even gave Mum some apple cider and donut holes! The ladies at the front desk were dressed up in costumes and there was a contest for the best dressed pet.


When Kitty went into the office, he was surprised to see the Doctor dressed up as a mouse! But Kitty knew it wasn’t a REAL mouse.

They loved Oreo so much at the vet’s that they took turns holding him and stroking his long, dark fur. It turns out that he’s just getting a little old and so they told Mum how to give him some special loving care.

After waiting for too long, Kitty got impatient and jumped out of Mum’s arms and hid under a pet food display case! One of the workers had to pull him out. Naughty boy.

He sat on the floor of the car all the way home, he’d had enough scenery for one day. He wobbled a bit, to and fro, after his examination, but before he knew it, he was back home at his very own water dish. Was it all a dream?

After they returned, the kids were there, waiting in costume, hands outstretched to get some treats of their own. Cousin Jordan was there to help hand out the goodies, and posed for a photo with his favorite cat cousin.


Oreo took his place on the front porch, at the window, as he does every year, so that he can spy out the goblins, lady bugs and werewolves.

But alas, it has been a busy day, and he is now sleeping on the chair right next to Mum. What a big adventure he had today! Sweet dreams of cat nip, guppies and puppy love. ❤ ❤ ❤