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2chicksNiagara ~ Whale Breaches Niagara?

Weird Splash-001.jpg-2

Whale Breeches Niagara?

#Really ? #NotReally

The Arteest in the 2chicks came out to play. 

Enjoy your hot July summer’s day

Think of the cool refreshing Niagara

And the mysterious whale who says ‘back atch’ya’! 😉

(You were wondering what THAT rhyme was gonna be, weren’t you)??

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2chicks Niagara ~ Gorgeous Gorge

For the Beauty of the Earth.


The wind curves ’round the bend,

The Hawk and eagle glide on by,

The water rushes down below,

My heart it soars, touching the sky.

Sherrie Robins


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Old Fort Niagara


There is a stately beauty about her. Noble, strong, statuesque. She is the Old Fort Niagara, the oldest continuously occupied military site in North America.

She is ready for you to call on her, when you visit Niagara. She’s just down the lane at the end of the Niagara River, where it meets Lake Ontario.



Happy Easter!



Our Lady of Victory National Shrine & Basilica

I couldn’t wait to post this one…a day early.

A popular pilgrimage and destination, and close to Niagara. If you enjoy glorious old churches, made in the grand way of by-gone days, and you’re visiting the area, you will want to add this to your itinerary. If like me, you’re from around the area, please take the time to visit. It will be worth your while.

Have a blessed and Happy Easter!

Niagara Falls, New York. Old Falls Street ~ What’s the Buzz about?

T.G.I.F.’s outdoor patio, and a view down Old Falls Street.

Niagara Falls, New York has been experiencing a tremendous upswing in the amount of tourists coming around, this 2015 season. As a matter of fact, tourism is up somewhere near 200% since 2014! That’s quite the statistic.


There are varied reasons for this, and if you’re curious, feel free to click the above link. (Let’s just say the park has had a face lift, and some new money has come into the city).

One of the places that is showing off a bit, is Old Falls Street, adjacent to the Reservation State Park (where the actual Falls are).

So what’s been going on there, exactly?

May we show you in some pictures?


Starting with this uber-excited chess-playing young man! Hint: more games to follow…


The newly added Rainforest Cafe


The Rainforest Cafe patio.


How many monkeys DOES it take to help Atlas shoulder the world?


A common sound on Old Falls Street ~ Live Music! (The Sheraton’s At The Falls Arcade).

And might we add, for more information on this Live Music on Old Falls Street, see their Face Book Page! https://www.facebook.com/events/1005160562848902/
This includes info on the Eighth Annual Niagara Falls Blues Festival: http://8th Annual Niagara Falls Blues Festival and The Sixth Annual Old Falls Street Oktoberfest! https://www.facebook.com/events/894374640582768/

We came for a visit to Old Falls Street, on the Taste of Niagara Falls weekend. May we say it was very ‘tastefully’ done?

*Below are photos of several of the vendors who displayed/served their wares/food at the Taste of Niagara Falls. Following these…GAMES! Old Falls Street is full of FREE GAMES available for the public to participate in.

The food was enough to have you make a pig of yourself!


We would like to welcome a fairly recent addition to the restaurants in Niagara Falls: The 755 Restaurant: located at City Market, a family owned enterprise, serving Mediterranean/Lebanese food. This falafel pita sample was delicious.
…as was the chicken souvlaki pita.



The food festival had ample customers. This is a candid shot of Tony Roma’s stall. The Rainforest Cafe, and TGIF’s chain restaurants were all represented.


The Meeting Place has an interesting mix of American fast food and Greek foods and is located in Bergholtz. http://www.meetingplaceniagarafalls.com/


Cupcakes. Did you say Cupcakes??!


A brand new shop! Looking forward to checking it out…


The Como Restaurant is a goodie. This NF fixture needs to be visited by anyone who is an Italian food lover.


Pizza bread? Como-style? What’s not to like?


Bar food. Mmmm. Solidays, in the city.


Did you say ‘tots’? With dipping sauce? Yes please.


Nope. Not a restaurant. A promotional for no-kill shelters. But these festivals attract varied groups and vendors. We thought this seemed like a good one!


And DANG! They had good quinoa bowls. Yum!


Who doesn’t like chocolate? Niagara’s Honeymoon Sweets ought to do the trick!


Always classy. LOVED the Angel. ❤


Dragonfly Jams and Jellies, Youngstown New York. Both delicious and economical.



We loved the atmosphere! A positive ambiance. It was family friendly, had a beer tent, games were being played by young and old, alike. Plenty of seats were available, even some in the shade, during the September heat wave…

*Drumroll…The promised GAMES:

We especially enjoyed the ping pong. I won. 😉


Jenga anyone?


What would you write?


A big ole’ sidewalk chessboard, or two or so…


Somebody was having a good time!


Rainforest Cafe shuttle. http://www.niagara-usa.com/listings/Rainforest-Cafe/1032/#.Ve-QoBFViko

The Rainforest Cafe has a shuttle available to the public. They would love to have you come on over and hop on for a ride! You must admit this looks like a lot of fun…

So thanks again, for hopping along on OUR tour. This time it was a tour of our town, good ole’ Niagara Falls. And the best IS yet to come!


More to come on 2chicks: Farmers Markets and part III Niagara Parks!

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The Parks of Niagara – Part I

Devil’s Hole State Park

The Niagara region is rife with vegetation and life. It’s beaming with beauty and verdancy.  So much is accessible to the public for viewing, some in a natural state and some in more manicured park lands.

Here is a quick overview of a few of the Parks Niagara has to offer, featuring Devil’s Hole, Whirlpool State Park and Niagara Reservation State Park.

Devil’s Hole State Park has been a great source of Inspiration for our family. With it’s changing moods, with the seasons, diverse paths and trails, it seems to always present something for each of our tastes. Mom likes the above trail and the creative opportunities a stroll affords. The rest of the family likes the hiking down the cliff to the water’s edge: destination ‘wild water’ and unique rock formations.






No pictures of the lower path. Sorry. Everyone was too busy having fun! You’ll just have to come and experience it for yourselves.


And on a practical note, there are picnic tables, so bring a lunch.

Whirlpool State Park and Devil’s Hole are ‘next door’ to one another and accessible via a trail that runs along the top of the gorge. It is not a difficult connection, but it is not easy either. If you are looking for an easy walk, the Devil’s Hole trail is the easiest. Whirlpool’s has a hill you need to navigate and the connection between the parks has a stony and hilly trail.

October 25, 2012. Whirlpool State Park. A special treat of 78 degrees!d
Whirlpool State Park

Whirlpool Park has a lovely view of the Whirlpool, below on the Niagara River and of the Aero car that crosses the gorge, over the Whirlpool, from Canada to Canada.

Lovely stone building and look-out.
Lovely stone building and look-out.

We would be remiss if we did not turn the spotlight toward Niagara Reservation State Park. A constant beauty, showcasing the Falls, renowned world over, this Park is the number one destination of all tourists visiting from across the globe. A four-season reservation, no room for any hesitation, this is the ultimate destination! 😉

Niagara Reservation State Park – America’s oldest State Park.
The water crashing on the rocks below. Always magnificent.
On Luna Island, between the Bridal Veil and American Falls…up close and personal.
In the heart of the City, Niagara rings true with paths and walkways, assured of natural beauty.
You never know what you’ll find around the corner at Reservation: Buffalo Philharmonic performs.




The Gorge View- a Historic Place to Stay in Niagara Falls, NY (And a Little Mystery Too!)


The Gorge View is a notable landmark in the City of Niagara Falls, offering hostel and hotel accommodations, perfect for the budget-conscious traveler. It came to our attention that the Gorge View recently opened its doors (once again) in the form of accommodations. It was originally an apartment complex, probably built in the late 1800’s. We were given a tour of the building, and found it to be bright, clean, friendly, and intriguing from a historic perspective. There is nothing like a bit of mystery and subtle secrecy to grab ones attention. First we’ll show you a few photos of the building, and then we’ll get into more of the details.





Near the entrance way there is a lounge, adjoining their newly remodeled kitchen and eating area.


Here is a shot of their newly remodeled kitchen area. Very nice!




One of the rooms available for a night, a week, or longer. Simple, but comfortable and clean.



We just love the craftsmanship of the banister and the woodwork throughout the building.





This part of our journey becomes rather interesting. The owner took us into the basement, eager to tell us a little secret. We couldn’t imagine what he had up his sleeve. We downed the stairs and rounded the corner, and were told to look at several features that are not included in your average basement. For one thing, there was crown molding, for another, there was aluminium ceiling tiles. He also pointed out wainscoting around the room. This got our attention, and we speculated as to why these things were there. We wondered if perhaps there had been a business of some kind in the basement. That’s when he pointed out the door with the odd number, including “1/2”- this lead to an “ah-ha” moment for us. “could this have been a Speakeasy?” He gave us a knowing nod, and a grin – it seemed that this was his conclusion as well.


He led us to a separate room, with what appeared to be an eye-level peek-hole. Could this have been the room where they kept their stash of liquor during prohibition? We can just imagine being on the lookout for the “dry agents” that could pop in at any time, and then the bum’s rush, when they actually did come. And how!


After our prohibition escapades, we took a hike up to the roof-terrace to see a spectacular one-of-a-kind view. This was certainly one of the high points of our visit (literally!) and we truly enjoyed the panoramic view before us.


Niagara Falls, USA as seen from the rooftop.



Niagara Falls, Canada.


It was difficult to capture the beauty of the view in our photos, as the sun was setting and the mist was heavy – it hung in the air over the Falls and the city, on this very humid summer evening.


We were able to capture a golden glow as the sun set for the night. It was spectacular! There are firework displays every Friday and Saturday night at the Falls in the summer, and if you’re a guest of the Gorge View, you’ll definitely want to be there to indulge.



So you may just want to check this place out for your next visit to Niagara Falls. #liveNF




From Niagara to Washington, D.C.


Lincoln Memorial

On June the 13th, one of the Chicks had a Capital idea! She decided it was time for a summer trip to our Nation’s Capital, patriotic girl that she is. So here are some tips, tidbits and photos, in case you want to go to Washington, D.C. or Baltimore, MD.



One of the best ways for a tourist to see DC is to take a tour. I went on a bike tour, and loved it! It was so nice to be out in the open air, with access to many places that cars can’t go (and feet can tire quickly. HA!). The guide was very knowledgeable, and kept the pace leisurely so that all of the riders were comfortable. We took in a lot of sites in a 3 hour span, something that is difficult to do on your own. http://dc.capitalcitybiketours.com/tours


The White House was one of the stops on our tour.

Jefferson Memorial

… As was the Jefferson Memorial.


The Jefferson at sunset.

Smith Castle

Next on the agenda was the Smithsonian Institution, which is made up of a variety of museums. The best thing: they’re free. I visited several, and enjoyed them all. A couple of highlights for me included the Star Spangled Banner in the American History Museum – it was much bigger than I thought. I was also very moved by the Holocaust Museum and its respectful and somber portrayal of some of the lamentable events of WWII. http://www.si.edu/


This poster is from the American History Museum’s WWII exhibit. I wonder how many citizens of the time knew they were giving Herr Hitler a ride?


This is a classic poster from the same exhibit.


The Strawberry, Goat cheese, and Spinach salad was practically a meal in itself.

Now, you know you’ve gotta eat… And one of the most historic and delicious restaurants in DC is the Old Ebbitt Grill; Washington’s oldest saloon. Check out their website for interesting and historic facts. Better yet, go there for yourself. http://www.ebbitt.com/


The salmon dish was to die for- they fly their fish in from Alaska fresh, every day.


The Trout Parmesan was also a must-try dish. The fish was so crispy, and the hollandaise sauce so creamy… I am thinking about going back right now for some.


The Smithsonian National Zoo is an easy subway ride from the city. There are many exhibits, it is well kept, and it is also free. Can’t beat that!!! http://nationalzoo.si.edu/

Baltimore waterfront

Because I rented a car, it was quite easy to take a day trip to Baltimore, MD – you’re there in about one hour (depending on the traffic). The waterfront is well developed and beautiful; with many restaurants and shops to visit.

My favorite thing I did, while there, was to go to the Aquarium. This was not free, but it was well worth it. It took the better part of my day to explore the many aquatic displays, which were very enjoyable. http://www.aqua.org/

So, I leave you with the following photos, and wish you a bon voyage – for now.

Baltimore aquarium


Jellyfish 1

jellyfish 2

jellyfish 3

jellyfish 4

jellyfish 5

jellyfish 6

jellyfish 7

jellyfish 8         

Visit Niagara Falls, Canada from Niagara Falls, USA

Niagara Falls is a wonder in more ways than one. Not only are we the mighty Niagara, but we are actually three water falls; the Horseshoe Falls, the American Falls and the Bridal Veil Falls, overlapping our international Canadian and American borders.
So yes, there are two cities named Niagara Falls, either side of the border, and if you come for a visit, you should be sure to see both. We find Niagara USA to be a more natural experience, with up close and personal views of the water and Falls and is less “touristy”. It has open landscaping and well placed trees and plants, offering calm walkways along the river and solitude if you so choose. The Canadian parks are well manicured, the view of the Falls is great, and it is an experience you should take in, given the opportunity.
One of the easiest ways to see both sides, if you are staying in Niagara Falls, New York, is to simply walk over the Rainbow Bridge. Parking prices on the Canadian side are high and you might even have to park at quite a distance and take a bus just to see the sites. Instead of driving, you could walk over the bridge which is an adventure in itself and is only small change. It’s also a great photo opportunity because the bridge crosses over the gorge with beautiful views of the Falls.
I met a friend in Niagara Falls, Ontario, the other day. She used to work for the Parks Police and had one of the best office window views in the world, in my opinion! She knows her city like the back of her hand, and even though I’d lived there previously, offered to take me around, like a tourist.
So after visiting her former office, we  took a cute little path up to the Skylon Tower. It is between the Parks Police building and the rose garden across the street from the American Falls. It slices up the cliff to access the Skylon among other things at the top. Some locals call this path “Jolley cut”, named after James Jolley. Be warned that it is rather a bit of a hike, uphill.
The Skylon Tower has breathtaking views of both falls, and the river, as well as the surrounding cities and countryside and the visuals are well worth the experience.
She also gave me a ride along the gorge to the Spanish Aerocar, which was unfortunately closed for the day, due to high winds.
 We went to Zappi’s Pizzeria for lunch, which is a quaint Italian Eatery. This is a small restaurant with delicious homemade food. I had a large salad and wonderful homemade butternut squash soup. http://www.zappispizza.com/niagara-falls-pizza/ It’s a short cab ride uphill from Journey Behind the Falls. You  might find it accessible by foot, but I wouldn’t recommend it.
There are several attractions within walking range from Niagara Falls, NY, including;
Niagara’s Fury –http://www.niagarafallstourism.com/play/falls-experiences/niagara-fury/  an interactive 4-D cinematic experience.
Journey Behind the Falls –http://www.niagarafallstourism.com/play/falls-experiences/journey-behind-the-falls/ a walk underneath the Horseshoe Falls.
The Skylon Tower – http://www.niagarafallstourism.com/play/falls-experiences/skylon-tower/ which has an observation deck with a towering view of the waters below including the Falls, River and gorge and surrounding countryside as well as a buffet dining room and a revolving dining room.
The Table Rock Welcome Centre – http://www.niagarafallstourism.com/play/falls-experiences/table-rock/ which houses the Elements on the Falls Restaurant, overlooking the Horseshoe Falls – http://www.niagarafallstourism.com/eat/fallsview-dining/elements-on-the-falls/ , Table Rock also includes a tourist shop, food court and access to the Journey Behind the Falls and Niagara’s Fury.
Clifton Hill – http://www.cliftonhill.com/ a street on a hill that’s a crazy, touristy  conglomeration of “museums”, restaurants, novelties and nightclubs. The height of its season is definitely summer when the street is jam packed with people and you can be jostled about by nearly anyone from anywhere around the world!