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Antiquing in Niagara

Sanborn Old General Store

Some people have a pre-disposition for the hunt. They love lurking in dark corners, looking under rocks and tree trunks for that elusive find. If you are among the chosen, the few, who consider yourself to be an antique hunter, part of an elite squad who comb the country-side to snatch up that one-of-a-kind doohickey, you will be pleased to know that Niagara is awash with whoozie-whats-its and whatchamacallits.

So whether you are visiting Western New York and desire to make this a part of your vacation plan, stopping over from Ontario for the night, or lucky enough to live here and want to just make an afternoon of it, you will be pleased with the many discoveries waiting here for you.



My sister and I went to Sanborn, just outside of Niagara Falls, and found a cute little antique shop called the Sanborn Old General Store.  http://sanbornoldgeneralstore.yolasite.com/

Antiques 5

Inside were treasures galore, from delightful candles and sundries, to genuinely sought after, and hard to find antiques.

Antiques 6

These items were set up in lovely displays.

Antiques 7

The store was tastefully arranged, and it made for a very pleasant shopping experience. The prices were more than reasonable, and they had a vast selection of goods for everyone’s taste.


Antiques 1

The Hilltop Country Antiques & Gift Emporium was down the road a bit, and a completely different experience. The store is much smaller, and packed to the brim.

Antiques 4

This is a “Mom and Pop” shop, and the purveyors/owners are more than helpful, and very knowledgeable about the goods in their store (and antiques in general). They took a lot of time to help us with particulars. We felt very comfortable and welcome, but not pressured to buy.


Shawnee Country Barns Antique Co-op is another place that we’ve visited on previous excursions. It is a huge setup, with individual vendor stalls. http://www.scbantiques.com/



After a long day of antiquing and gathering our goods, our favorite part of the hunt had to be our number one choice for Greek food in the North Towns – The Olympia Family Restaurant. They have a large and varied menu, but our favorite dish is the Greek Open Souvlaki Salad. The chicken is marinated and tender, and the portion is ample, with plenty to take home.


So onward, fellow shoppers, the thrill is in the hunt.