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From Niagara to Washington, D.C.


Lincoln Memorial

On June the 13th, one of the Chicks had a Capital idea! She decided it was time for a summer trip to our Nation’s Capital, patriotic girl that she is. So here are some tips, tidbits and photos, in case you want to go to Washington, D.C. or Baltimore, MD.



One of the best ways for a tourist to see DC is to take a tour. I went on a bike tour, and loved it! It was so nice to be out in the open air, with access to many places that cars can’t go (and feet can tire quickly. HA!). The guide was very knowledgeable, and kept the pace leisurely so that all of the riders were comfortable. We took in a lot of sites in a 3 hour span, something that is difficult to do on your own. http://dc.capitalcitybiketours.com/tours


The White House was one of the stops on our tour.

Jefferson Memorial

… As was the Jefferson Memorial.


The Jefferson at sunset.

Smith Castle

Next on the agenda was the Smithsonian Institution, which is made up of a variety of museums. The best thing: they’re free. I visited several, and enjoyed them all. A couple of highlights for me included the Star Spangled Banner in the American History Museum – it was much bigger than I thought. I was also very moved by the Holocaust Museum and its respectful and somber portrayal of some of the lamentable events of WWII. http://www.si.edu/


This poster is from the American History Museum’s WWII exhibit. I wonder how many citizens of the time knew they were giving Herr Hitler a ride?


This is a classic poster from the same exhibit.


The Strawberry, Goat cheese, and Spinach salad was practically a meal in itself.

Now, you know you’ve gotta eat… And one of the most historic and delicious restaurants in DC is the Old Ebbitt Grill; Washington’s oldest saloon. Check out their website for interesting and historic facts. Better yet, go there for yourself. http://www.ebbitt.com/


The salmon dish was to die for- they fly their fish in from Alaska fresh, every day.


The Trout Parmesan was also a must-try dish. The fish was so crispy, and the hollandaise sauce so creamy… I am thinking about going back right now for some.


The Smithsonian National Zoo is an easy subway ride from the city. There are many exhibits, it is well kept, and it is also free. Can’t beat that!!! http://nationalzoo.si.edu/

Baltimore waterfront

Because I rented a car, it was quite easy to take a day trip to Baltimore, MD – you’re there in about one hour (depending on the traffic). The waterfront is well developed and beautiful; with many restaurants and shops to visit.

My favorite thing I did, while there, was to go to the Aquarium. This was not free, but it was well worth it. It took the better part of my day to explore the many aquatic displays, which were very enjoyable. http://www.aqua.org/

So, I leave you with the following photos, and wish you a bon voyage – for now.

Baltimore aquarium


Jellyfish 1

jellyfish 2

jellyfish 3

jellyfish 4

jellyfish 5

jellyfish 6

jellyfish 7

jellyfish 8