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Niagara on the Lake ~ Wines


For a glass full of quaint and cozy, brimming with cordials and witticisms, whimsy and wine, classics and vistas, join us on our picture filled tour of a day in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Canada.

The day started sunny with a ninety eight percent chance of fun. Things just point in that direction when you’re in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario.

We were staying at the gorgeous Queen’s Landing Hotel. http://www.vintage-hotels.com/queenslanding/?gclid=CjwKEAjw6_q5BRCOp-Hj-IfHwncSJABMtDai1QjHfO1abUPupU9f7gODs-ThCfYltcMCedoAdFu2hBoCJdTw_wcB


It’s a good start when you look out the window and see the Niagara river’s waters glistening and the sailboats docked.


We began with a day trip to close-at-hand wine country; Niagara-on-the-Lake is known for it’s wineries, and we wanted to weigh in on that. After-all, a 2chicks review is priceless…


There are many wineries, large and small to choose from, and we started with one of Ontario’s  largest Wineries: Peller. This family owned winery offers daily tours and award winning wines.  http://www.winealign.com/wineries/26-peller-estates-winery. And https://www.peller.com/




The vineyards are fresh and budding, ready to start this year’s crop of grapes.

Next door is the ‘new kid on the block’, Two Sister’s Vineyards. http://www.twosistersvineyards.com/site/home



We appreciated the intimacy and attention.


We tried several samples…



And pleasing the effort turned out to be…

…before settling on a Cabernet Sauvignon, Ice Wine. Rich and full, but not overpowering on the sweet side. Special.


This Chick and her Rooster will be saving it for a special occasion…

And like a very fine wine, this very fine view topped off our visit.


After such royal treatment, we went back to our hotel. Unfortunately the Rooster had to fly the coop, but the 2chicks and a brother lazed around the lobby and the library at Queen’s landing, for a bit of whimsy and wisdom:


Some statues just look smart.



The plant and pot are delightful…dare we say, just ducky?

All kidding aside, elegant beauty is around every corner. We spent forever exploring…



Learning something? Fabulous. In a charming setting? Glorious. Two siblings getting along? Priceless.


Three strong naked guys supporting a bowl, yet still looking good? Definitely classic, if not a little amusing.

And there for our convenience, more wine, or a nibble at the Tiara Restaurant and their locally sourced (my favorite)and delicious food. Loved this cozy corner! http://www.vintage-hotels.com/queenslanding/dining.php



Clue? Sir George in the library with the candlesticks…
For those in the know, this is Sir George Bernard Shaw. This renowned author and playwright is honored by the well-known Shaw Festival, permanently located in Niagara-on-the-Lake. http://www.shawfest.com/about-the-shaw/george-bernard-shaws-bio/ Many folks come just for the Festival, so be sure to take in a play during your stay.

It’s surprising just how much one can learn from actual books in libraries, statues, wooden ducks (or geese), wine-tasting, visiting wineries, historical plays or just fun plays (Alice in Wonderland is currently running). It’s also surprising how accommodating a Son/Brother can be… 😉


Now that you’ve partaken in our NOTL adventure, perhaps you’ll be as informed and knowledgeable as THIS Chick…


Don’t hang up. We’ll be back with more.

Round II, Niagara-on-the-Lake, coming soon…









The Four Seasons of Niagara


Autumn is a wonderful season no matter where you are. If you live in an area where they refer to “autumn”, chances are you experience the changes of the four seasons. We all love the cooler temperatures, and refreshment from the summer’s heat. The variation of foliage brings an array of colors and salutes the majesty of creation.


Having traveled and lived in various area through our lives, we just happen to think that Niagara likes to show off a bit.


Niagara loves to grow an abundant harvest. It loves to party. It loves to dress up to the hilt. It loves to share all of this with you!


Winter is a season of controversy. Many folks either love it or hate it. There is no doubt that living near Buffalo, NY has given Niagara a bad rap from January through March. Yet actually, there is much awe and inspiring beauty during these cold winter months.


Christmas decorates the malls. The holidays celebrate December. Icicles dance in sparkling shows of glitter and glam, while people sing and celebrate you home through New Years.


Indoors we dine and civilize in the warmth of each others company and class.


There are cleared paths and trails for walking, and places for skating and nearby skiing.


We all look forward to spring, with the hope of new life and regeneration.


“crocuses show their little heads, gracefully leading the way.

The blossoms sprout, the lilies sing, in a dazzling, joyful floral array.”

See… Just thinking about it makes us wax poetic (Mom’s the corny one.)


To visit Niagara in the spring is to see a tumbling and effervescent declaration of life!


The ice is let out of the Lake Erie boom and jostles its way over the abrupt precipice.


And then there’s summer. we all love summer, as long as the temperature doesn’t spike!


And summer is the Niagara we all know and love. Cool refreshing breezes blow in from the Great Lakes and the many trees provide ample shade. Oh yes, we have our heat too, but what a refreshing way to cool down, standing by the edge of the abyss, immersed in the spray stirred up by the crashing turquoise waters.


The Jet Boat and the Maid of the Mist are two ways of getting right down into the turbulence and rapids, experiencing the water like no other! But even in the rush of the summer season, there are gentle times and places that allow for lingering ruminations.


Hawks, buzzards and varied bird life soar high above the gorge, while the great outdoors is just waiting to be experienced. Festivals, music, concerts, and such soar in their own way as well!


So pick, your favorite season and come on by. We’d love to have you!