From Niagara Falls, NY to Germany

Before we start this post, we just wanted to brag a little! Niagara Falls has been chosen by International Business Times as THE top place that every American should visit in their lifetime.

This is the second part in the European series of our blog. After Jennifer went to Venice, Italy, she spent Christmas with her German “family.”


Our first stop was Bautzen, where her family lives, in the former German Democratic Republic, or East Germany.This town is just outside of Dresden, and It’s a charming place that you would just imagine Germany to look like. The churches and other historical buildings are beautiful, and so well preserved.


This bright yellow building is the Rathaus, or town Hall. It’s so easy to walk or bike almost anywhere in this city.


One of the many beautiful doors that Bautzen has to offer, this gilded door was simply stunning.


This next photo is of the Frauenkirche in Dresden, Germany. This city was all but destroyed during World War II, and the church was left in ruins. After some painstaking renovations, they were able to restore the church to the masterpiece seen above. They used some of the old bricks from the original church; these are the dark spots on the building.



After visiting Bautzen and Dresden, we headed back to Bavaria, and went to Bamberg for the day. This town serves as a US Military Base, which will be closing in the Fall of 2014. Image

The town of Bamberg has classic German rooftops, which make for a very colorful and beautiful view.


On our way to the next destination, I snapped a nice shot of the Autobahn. Though there are times where a speed limit is in place, it is true that you can go fast… fast…. fast….


Along the way we saw this, and it was a blast from the past! This is a “Trabant”. Old and rusty from age, it was pretty much the only car available in Communist Germany.


We saw these in the grocery store. So now we know what American donuts look like!


On one of our final days, we spent time on an old fashioned steam engine train. It took us through the mountains, to a ski resort. What a beautiful ride it was.


This is one of the many chalets near Annaberg, and our train ride destination.


Towards the end of my stay, friends gathered around a festive table to break bread and celebrate the good things life has to offer.


2 thoughts on “From Niagara Falls, NY to Germany”

  1. WOW!!!! Gorgeous Jen, beautiful pics, looks like a purrrfect trip and a lifetime of memories!!! Thanks so much for sharing your trip!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Thanks so much, you are so sweet to say so. Jennifer really did do a nice job on her photos and even her writing, in my opinion as well. So proud of my “chick”.

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