Predicted snowstorm dumps a blanket of beauty on Niagara Falls

The news was saturated with grim weather reports predicting a massive storm throughout much of the Eastern half of

North America, right in time for Thanksgiving. So on the Evening of November 26th, the storm reached Niagara Falls, but

instead of the predicted super storm, people awoke to a Winter Wonderland.


The mist of the Falls rises in the distance. The Rainbow bridge crosses the gap, while a gentle snow caresses the trees.


The Buddhist Temple in Niagara Falls, Ontario, emerges from across the gorge.


Frosted limbs engulf the gorge’s upper banks, by the Whirlpool bridge.


Snowy limbs against a winter-like sky, along the gorge.


The houses appear Christmas card perfect, in Deveaux, a suburb of Niagara Falls,


Picture perfect.


A fireplace inside would certainly compliment the wintery beauty, outside.


A house like this, in a setting like that, looks as though it was snatched right from the Alps.


A street lined with trees, dressed for the season.


Like frosting on a cake…



Bright red berries, iced and frozen. Even though snow can be a nuisance, sometimes it’s worth it!


4 thoughts on “Predicted snowstorm dumps a blanket of beauty on Niagara Falls”

  1. Beautiful pictures! The snow has been so pretty this week. I won’t be singing that tune AFTER the holidays… I’ve decided it’s ok with me for there to be snow up until the end of New Years Day. Then it has to go. I never seem to have this wish granted lol.

  2. Thank you, Jess! The “subject” was so cooperative! I know exactly what you mean…it was so pretty, it almost wormed it’s way into my heart, as well. I’ve had the same sentiments as you for many years now, and thus far, hasn’t worked for me either!

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