Niagara Falls, New York. Old Falls Street ~ What’s the Buzz about?

T.G.I.F.’s outdoor patio, and a view down Old Falls Street.

Niagara Falls, New York has been experiencing a tremendous upswing in the amount of tourists coming around, this 2015 season. As a matter of fact, tourism is up somewhere near 200% since 2014! That’s quite the statistic.

There are varied reasons for this, and if you’re curious, feel free to click the above link. (Let’s just say the park has had a face lift, and some new money has come into the city).

One of the places that is showing off a bit, is Old Falls Street, adjacent to the Reservation State Park (where the actual Falls are).

So what’s been going on there, exactly?

May we show you in some pictures?


Starting with this uber-excited chess-playing young man! Hint: more games to follow…


The newly added Rainforest Cafe


The Rainforest Cafe patio.


How many monkeys DOES it take to help Atlas shoulder the world?


A common sound on Old Falls Street ~ Live Music! (The Sheraton’s At The Falls Arcade).

And might we add, for more information on this Live Music on Old Falls Street, see their Face Book Page!
This includes info on the Eighth Annual Niagara Falls Blues Festival: http://8th Annual Niagara Falls Blues Festival and The Sixth Annual Old Falls Street Oktoberfest!

We came for a visit to Old Falls Street, on the Taste of Niagara Falls weekend. May we say it was very ‘tastefully’ done?

*Below are photos of several of the vendors who displayed/served their wares/food at the Taste of Niagara Falls. Following these…GAMES! Old Falls Street is full of FREE GAMES available for the public to participate in.

The food was enough to have you make a pig of yourself!

We would like to welcome a fairly recent addition to the restaurants in Niagara Falls: The 755 Restaurant: located at City Market, a family owned enterprise, serving Mediterranean/Lebanese food. This falafel pita sample was delicious.
…as was the chicken souvlaki pita.


The food festival had ample customers. This is a candid shot of Tony Roma’s stall. The Rainforest Cafe, and TGIF’s chain restaurants were all represented.


The Meeting Place has an interesting mix of American fast food and Greek foods and is located in Bergholtz.


Cupcakes. Did you say Cupcakes??!


A brand new shop! Looking forward to checking it out…

The Como Restaurant is a goodie. This NF fixture needs to be visited by anyone who is an Italian food lover.


Pizza bread? Como-style? What’s not to like?


Bar food. Mmmm. Solidays, in the city.


Did you say ‘tots’? With dipping sauce? Yes please.

Nope. Not a restaurant. A promotional for no-kill shelters. But these festivals attract varied groups and vendors. We thought this seemed like a good one!

And DANG! They had good quinoa bowls. Yum!


Who doesn’t like chocolate? Niagara’s Honeymoon Sweets ought to do the trick!

Always classy. LOVED the Angel. ❤


Dragonfly Jams and Jellies, Youngstown New York. Both delicious and economical.


We loved the atmosphere! A positive ambiance. It was family friendly, had a beer tent, games were being played by young and old, alike. Plenty of seats were available, even some in the shade, during the September heat wave…

*Drumroll…The promised GAMES:

We especially enjoyed the ping pong. I won. 😉


Jenga anyone?


What would you write?


A big ole’ sidewalk chessboard, or two or so…


Somebody was having a good time!


Rainforest Cafe shuttle.

The Rainforest Cafe has a shuttle available to the public. They would love to have you come on over and hop on for a ride! You must admit this looks like a lot of fun…

So thanks again, for hopping along on OUR tour. This time it was a tour of our town, good ole’ Niagara Falls. And the best IS yet to come!


More to come on 2chicks: Farmers Markets and part III Niagara Parks!

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14 thoughts on “Niagara Falls, New York. Old Falls Street ~ What’s the Buzz about?”

    1. We are grateful for this news, that’s for sure! Please do come on over…we’d love to have you. There are plenty of photographic opportunities. Thanks for stopping by here, on our blog, and for following.

  1. I followed your caring comment on the WP post on the refugee crisis and … am happy I ended up here in this awesome gallery!
    Your photos are beautiful … like works of art and I have a lot of browsing to do.
    I lived in Jamaica for 14 years and travelled quite a bit to the States – even did a slow Greyhound from Florida right up to Montana, LA and then across Arizona, Texas back to Miami, but somehow, I am not sure why and how, bi-passed Niagara – and NYC.
    I realise now it was a ‘serious’ omission which maybe I will get the chance to rectify sometime. Maybe ! Hopefully 🙂
    In the meantime, I am happy to experience Niagara thro’ this blog 🙂 🙂
    Thanks for the great resource.

    1. Oh my goodness. What a very kind and thoughtful commentary. I’m sorry you missed the Falls while you were here, but am so glad we can fill you in a little, anyway. Thanks So much for stopping in, and we look forward to hearing from you again…soon!

  2. Was in Buffalo late December for blizzard 1985. Drove over the see the falls – they were frozen over. The people there asked my girlfriend and me why we were there. We explained this was our week’s vacation. Naturally everyone thought we were nuts because why would any sane person leave Miami, Florida for Buffalo in raging winter. Well. I had not seen snow since I was at world’s Fair 1960 in New York. They said for me to take all the snow with me. Thanks visit my blog.

      1. I did the stupidest thing ever in my life while there. I walked into that downtown bar , The Flamingo wearing my Miami Dolphins jersey. Lucky to get out alive.

      2. Yeah, I remember that one. You shared it with me. I can still envision you in that situation. Buffalo/Niagara love their sports! Sheesh…

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