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Niagara Does Good!



The Christmas Season is upon us, and it’s a great time of year to share the blessings we’ve received with those who are not as fortunate. There are many wonderful organizations that make it their business to give to people in need, in various ways. So take your pick as to how you’d like to make the season brighter for those around you!




The Salvation Army of Niagara Falls is hosting a live walk through Nativity Scene called “The Journey to Bethlehem”. This takes place on December 5th and 6th beginning at 6:00 pm. This is a fun opportunity for the whole family, and treats are served upstairs.



As far as doing some good through the Army, you can “adopt a family” or participate in the Christmas Angel Tree, for a child. Please call the church for details on how to do this. (283-7697)




The Magdalene Project goes into the toughest areas of Niagara Falls and Buffalo, finding those most in need, including many children. They distribute food, clothes and toiletries. This year they had a wonderful Thanksgiving feast and there’s also a Christmas project in the works. So, if you would care to participate, here is the link: http://www.themagdaleneproject.net/christmas_gift_bag_ministry



Each year Community Missions helps nearly 140 of Niagara County’s neediest families. In addition to gifts for the children, families are given a $25 grocery gift card to go towards their holiday meal as well as a turkey. Donations of turkeys, hams, or other non-perishable holiday food items are greatly appreciated this time of year and will be distributed at Thanksgiving and Christmas.





Every year, the Firefighters Toy Fund delivers Christmas toys to over 1000 children in the area and sees that new winter clothing is provided to between 400 and 500 children in need, who would otherwise go without. Their generosity helps so many local families.




Heart, Love and Soul is a year round charity program in Niagara Falls, and they provide many of the necessities that we take for granted, to those in need. They can always use donations, especially around the holidays.



We are sure that there are many other worthy organizations, and you, yourself probably encounter people on your daily walk in life who could use a hand. Lets keep in mind that this is the season of good will toward mankind, and let’s not stop there – let’s keep it up the whole year through.


2chicks2go… Where?


Welcome to our blog. We are the two chicks! Jennifer and Sherrie, Daughter and Mom. We live in Niagara Falls, NY.

During our travels, people always ask “where are you from?” and we say “we’re from Niagara Falls.” Inevitably. they know just where that is, with their only question being, “which side of the border?” because Niagara Falls is the “world’s most famous address.” And the second question is “living in a tourist area, where do YOU go for vacation?”


So, we thought that we would answer those questions and more in the form of a blog. First of all, for those coming to visit our world famous attraction, we will happily give insider information, tips, and tell you what we like to do.

Secondly, for those of us that live in the Western New York area, you know we’re sitting on a treasure. Wouldn’t it be nice to have consolidated where-to information, schedules and reviews at your finger tips? We would also like to share our enjoyment of local fare, markets, restaurants, and the wine trail. Jennifer and Sherrie also enjoy cooking- we will contribute some recipes of the bountiful produce that Western New York has to offer here on our blog.

Living in such a centrally-located area, we have access to so much. World class events, dining, entertainment, hiking and scenery. For people that are visiting our area, they may not be aware of how this hub can lend to an exciting extended vacation and for locals to enjoy day trips. As anative born Canadian, Sherrie has a unique perspective of both sides of the border.


That brings us to where we like to vacation. Sherrie has traveled extensively across most of North America, where as Jennifer has traveled abroad on several different occasions. We would also like to share some of these experiences with you.

So put on your yellow rain slicker, and lets get ready 2 go.